Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty release date

welcome to Spartan chatter episode number five Halo Waypoint Content Browser calldutygames uh I'm Sam I'm
welcome to Spartan chatter episode number five Halo Waypoint Content Browser calldutygames uh I'm Sam I'm

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty release date

we can’t do this on our own we’re going toCyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty release date  need some help I know a guy he’s been out of the game for a while his name’s [Music] Tommy hello residents of Vice City we got more interesting news on the couple hitting every cash register around they’re looking for us all [Music] over St star see out if we want to get out in one piece we’re going to have to be one step ahead of them the only way we’re going to get through this is by sticking together being a team trust trust the city has changed underneath it’s not all sunshine
and Rainbow there’s so much more there’s so much stuff to do out there all you two need is some money and the American dream is yours for however long you have left anyways this is going to end in one or two ways you and Jason behind bars or both of you in the ground whatever happens you won’t make it do you know while you’re here bad luck I  guess

To say that people were excited would be a massive understatement. Like, players were frothing at the mouth to see this thing. The developers had been really tight-lipped about what was actually in the game, leading to a lot of rampant speculation among the fan base. Like when devs don’t set expectations, especially for games like this, then fans are gonna set their own, and when that happens, even the best games need to beware, and “Cyberpunk 2077,” at least at release, was not one of the best games.
It was not even, technically speaking, a good game, a complete game, a game in a condition that could be acceptably released, even in an era where people are used to games launching in a state and getting patched. The game released on December 10th, 2020 to mostly positive reviews. Some reviewers went so far as to call it a contender for the best game ever made, like this infamous review from Windows Central, but that positivity would not last.
Players who actually got the final product were not happy. The game was a buggy mess and looked terrible on consoles, and it wasn’t actually all that much better on PC. The game was in many ways just flat out broken at launch, extremely rough around the edges. This was not the game that CD Projekt Red had promised us, and players weren’t just disappointed, they were angry, and controversies endlessly swirled around this game.
  • Investors sued, consumers put together a class action lawsuit, claiming false
  • advertising, Sony literally pulled the game from digital sales for a while, and actually,
  • Xbox put a giant warning on the game’s store page, warning players about the game’s
  • buggy state. CD Projekt Red had data stolen and ransomed.
A reviewer actually suffered a seizure from watching one of the brain dance sequences in the game. There was actually originally no epilepsy warning in the game, which is kind of shocking ’cause those are not new. Like the whole thing was just bad news on top of bad news, on top of bad news. The inevitable Jason Schrier expose painted a picture of a studio in crisis.
In those first few months after the game came out, it seemed like there was no future for the company or the game. It was just one disaster after another. Sure, they promised to do right and make updates to the game, but I mean, how often do developers follow through on that? Consumer expectations are low for this kind of a thing, and for a reason.

Somebody who would develop and release a game in this state for that price without saying anything, literally just allowing a big hype train to sell millions of copies of their game, it doesn’t seem honest, and you know, it’s happened a lot of times before. And it took a while, but now, just about three years after launch, I think we can safely say they managed to do the impossible.
They took a game with a reputation that was unsalvageable and turned it around. For a long time, “Cyberpunk” was the punching bag of the gaming media, the easiest of easy targets, and you can see it anywhere. Look up any random listicle from about 2021, and you’ll see the writer included caddy dig at the game’s expense because it was a safe joke to make.

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