GTA 5 Blast Franklin’s HOUSE With Shinchan Pinchan

GTA 5 Blast Franklin's HOUSE With Shinchan Pinchan
GTA 5 Blast Franklin's HOUSE With Shinchan Pinchan
So in the last episode you guys saw that Franklin is chilling GTA 5 Blast Franklin’s HOUSE With Shinchan Pinchan at his house and then a call comes from Avengers especially Iron Man and Iron Man calls and invites Franklin for the party, then Franklin is very much prepared and in the next episode The day goes to the Avengers’ house where the Avengers insult him a lot and being angry at this insult, Franklin makes a plan to blow up the Avengers’ house because after all it was Franklin who had built this house for them and Franklin is Decides to take this house back from them because they insulted it
And he does the same and goes and plants a bomb on their house and blasts their house in front of their eyes. Now let’s see what will happen next, will the Avengers find out who blasted this house and if they find out then Franklin? Let’s see what will happen in this video, brother, you are seeing the condition of the Avengers, brother, yes man, their condition is very bad, their house has been blasted in front of their eyes, now go and my revenge is complete, yes now go and take revenge. It’s complete guys, now just let the explosion calm down and then we will know the damage.
How much has happened to their house? Okay, the explosion has stopped. For now, brother, stay behind. The Avengers have seen it. These people will break my neck. Brother, the entire house is completely damaged. Debris are visible everywhere. There is only dirt in sight. You have created havoc in the whole house, brother, Avengers. Now I know what is the consequence of messing with me. Now come on brother, Shinjan Pinjan, before the Avengers see us, we should leave. Oh yes man, you are right. Hey, but just see their reactions, oh man, what happened to our beautiful house?
What should I tell you, Iron Man, how did all this happen, friend, I don’t know what has happened, whose eyes fell on our house, but our house no longer seems like a home, friend, our house is looking like a playground, absolutely friend, what to do now? Let’s think about what to do next, for now let’s see what things are left safe in our house. Come on, let’s see. Oh my god, come on, let’s leave quickly. Come, come, come quickly. Our car is there, guys, we are there. Had hidden it when we came here, now we leave in that car only. Actually, I am not a car, it is a truck.
We hid our truck here, hey, come quickly, you come on, friend, we are coming, don’t get caught, otherwise the Avengers will not leave us, okay okay okay okay hey man, why am I slipping, just a second, where did I hide the truck? I have hidden it in the grass but it is not visible guys, now maybe it is hidden a little further, hey where did you hide the truck wait wait wait wait wait a no a little more has come I have also hidden the truck here in the gas yes this So here it is, guy, this is my truck, I had loaded all the bombs on it. Come, come brother, Shinchan Pinchan.
Come quickly, friend, we are coming, we are coming, wait, wait, I will not stop, I will leave, then you will get trapped in the Avengers, we will take your name that you did all this, oh, don’t do this, come back quickly, come quickly. Please sit in the back of the truck, please wait, I am coming, brother, please stop, I am sitting now, I am sitting, friend, you are not visible, we are sitting at the back, okay, but why did you not sit in the front, brother, after so many days. Friend, I got a chance to ride the truck for a while. Oh yes friend, when we came from there, we had bombs also, so we could not sit in the back.
Let us sit, okay brother, sit as you want, for now, where should I take out the guy’s truck, I will do one thing, let’s take it out downwards here and then we will take it out from under the bridge that is visible, from the back easily. Brother, I came to know that the truck broke down here and if we get stuck here, the Avengers will not leave. Hey, you think so negatively, my friend, chop positive, think a little positive, what a bad thing is positive, tell me later, you go first, yes, okay, let’s go through the shortcut. Hey guys in our house oh brother tiger behind us there was a tiger right now it’s ok simple simple
Guys, it is very simple to run away from the Avengers, it is very simple, they might not have even noticed me, I was able to secretly see their entire reaction and what do they react after seeing the condition of their house after the bomb blast, everything I have seen it, now I am happy, let’s go home because now my revenge has been completed. The last time these people insulted me, it was a very big insult, brother, such an insult means people usually keep insulting me, but I did not expect this from the Avengers. The Avengers insulted me and I was very upset about this.
I was angry, brother, I consider the Avengers as my best friends. These people betrayed me, that’s why I took revenge on them. Anyway, let’s solve the problem. Let’s go home. Hey, come on, let’s go quickly. Anyway, I haven’t slept properly since last night. Well, yes friend, we were busy planting bombs the whole night. Brother, how strong were the bombs yesterday? Brother, yes friend, Chop, you are right. For how long did those bombs remain detonated? The house of the Avengers. How powerful had I built it, yet that house got damaged. The bombs were powerful, brother, come on now.
  • Let’s leave from here, we are about to reach Welcome to My Home, it’s easy brother, we
  • had planned so hard, that is, we told so many lies to send the Avengers out of their
  • house, we did so much planning, we are tired brother, now let’s take some rest. And
  • after that we will chill again. Oh why am I parking this truck near my house? Anyway,
  • this truck is not mine, my car is left at the same place from where I had brought this
  • truck. Let’s go later or bring it. Come from there, come on, come on friend, you should
  • not leave your car, let’s bring the car, you are right, friend, you are right.
Pynchon is here, let’s do something guy, let’s do one thing brother, where I had left my car, my car is there from where I bought the bombs, I will bring my car from there quickly, let’s go, last time, we will buy the bombs from here only. Brother, I had taken the last time video from the port. If you guys haven’t seen it then go and watch it guys. You guys will understand how the Avengers had insulted me. Okay, where is my car now? Let me check it. Yes, the car is right there. Will it be in front of the garage? Okay, here’s my car, brother, here’s my white one.
Color’s sister, the best car, come, brother, Jinjan Pinjan, sit in your car, let’s go to your home with this car, let’s go, brother, let’s go quickly, brother, sit down quickly, brother, pin chain, sit on this, hey, I was having fun on the truck. Friend, while walking back, sit quietly, you guys, okay quickly let’s go home now, guys, anyway, I am very hungry, let’s take some rest, let’s go, it took a lot of time, friend, okay finally we have arrived, oh friend, something Make it a big one, my friend, should I make pizza etc., or else make a burger, hey, you are dying for a burger, brother.
Hey friend, make pizza, let’s make pizza, brother, let’s make pizza and eat it, I don’t want to change this suit and boots, leave the suit and boots, it suits me, let’s make pizza, oh friend, everything is scattered here, Carnage, what is there here, oh friend, I I’m trying to find here if some of my valuable items have fallen, see friend, see everything has been completely destroyed, friend, who would have done all this? Flash, what do you think? Hey friend, I am not able to understand anything myself. Who would have done all this? Hey friend, what is all this? Hey, all this has come out from under the ground. Hey friend, it is here.
It seems that even the way to go inside our garage is completely blocked, everything has been shattered into pieces, man, we can’t even go inside and see how much damage is done inside. Oh no, we can’t go, let’s see, man. There is not much damage inside Hope Fully. There is not much damage inside Hope Fully. Hey man, did all this break inside too? Oh well, all these big chunks which were planted inside the ground, all of them broke and scattered into pieces. Hey, besides this, let’s just look outside, how much damage has been done, who planted all these bombs?
So we were invited to a party in North Nington, where we were invited as chief guests. When we went there, there was no party there. I don’t know who had made the prank call. Then as soon as we returned here, our entire house was here. It got blasted, who do you think would have done this flash Hulk, tell me what do you think, I don’t know but whoever has done it, Iron Man, once he comes into my hands, I will not leave him, absolutely Hulk, I am also saying the same, once in my hands If I get my hands on him, I will twist his neck, I will break him into so many pieces that no one will ever be able to recognize who he was.

GTA 5 Blast Franklin’s HOUSE With Shinchan Pinchan

Of course I will pin him to death, I am also not going to leave him, Hulk, but once we find out who did this, Thor, who do you think might have done it, I don’t know who did it, but who did it? I have done a lot of wrong, I have done something wrong, I have done a lot of wrong, what to do now, let it go, we will find out later who did this, first of all think about what to do with the house now, I say, friend, we will get the house back. We have the money to get it repaired. Yes, this is also true, but from whom should we get it repaired?
Hey, look at this house, Franklin has built it, it is absolutely right, yes, it is absolutely right, this house was built and gifted to us by Franklin, so let’s do one thing, let’s get it built by him only. Do you think Franklin will build it this time? Hey friend, we will give him the money. No, last time we had got this house built for free by him but this time we will give him the money. Yes, it can be done but there is a problem, again what a problem is that man, last time we remember how Franklin We had made fun of him, we had pranked him, oh yes man, now he might get angry because of that.
You are sitting with me, if you are angry then you will convince me, you are my friend and anyway, what kind of useless prank did you do? It was only a small joke. Yes, this is also true. Avengers, listen to me, Thor, Flash and Carnage, me and Hulk. Let’s talk to Franklin and let’s see what he says about repairing our house. Okay, hey, we don’t even have a car. Let’s look outside. Hulk, we have a car, so let’s go to Franklin. Let’s try to get this house rebuilt again, it will cost a lot, this time it doesn’t matter, once the house gets repaired, everything will be done.
There will be something short, come Hulk, come, let’s go with this car of yours, come, sit, sit, sit quickly, Hulk, once I get hold of him, we will find him later, let’s get our house built again. By the way, whoever blew up this house. It doesn’t look like a small fat person because this house has been blown up by a bomb. Because it is not a matter of a small bomb to blow up such a big house, it cannot be blown up by sticky bombs etc. This is a very powerful bomb that has been used. And it is very difficult to buy a bomb in Los Santos, I don’t know who has done this but whoever has done it is very dangerous.
Well, whatever it is, now we will go to Franklin and talk to him about getting our house repaired and we will convince him a little and also apologize to him for the prank we had done to him last time. Why solution, yes friend, you are right, you joked too much, it was dangerous, but never mind, we will apologize, let’s go to Franklin’s house, do you think Iron Man will agree, Franklin, look friend, he is our friend, he will definitely agree. And if you don’t agree, then what will you do if you don’t agree? Will you get it repaired by someone else? Come on, okay?
Anyway, it was his house but man, now we will not do such a joke with Franklin again and he gets angry. That’s right, brother, we have come to Franklin’s house, before that we will say sorry to Hulk and then we will talk to him, brother. Our house is a little blasted, repair it, why yes, this will be fine, Iron Man, come on, Hulk, first you have to say sorry, remember, slowly, comfortably, peacefully, lovingly, not angrily, oh why would I get angry, I don’t mean comfortably. I have to say sorry to him, come on, come on, come on, lighten up, hey Famiya, friend, the pizza was so tasty, it was fun.
It was fun eating pizza, but it was even more fun, man, it was fun early in the morning, what did he do to Franklin, oh yes man, it was fun, yes brother, he blew up the house of the Avengers. Brother, have you found peace in your heart? What a solution you are listening to. Hey, wait for this Franklin. Solution, wait for two minutes, let me listen to what else this Franklin says. Oh by the way, what a great way it was to make Iron Man crazy and out. Our method of sending was solid brother, we made people crazy, that plane was also fake, the pilot was also fake, that party was also fake and sent it.

GTA 5 Blast Franklin's HOUSE With Shinchan Pinchan
GTA 5 Blast Franklin’s HOUSE With Shinchan Pinchan
They gave me North Ton so that we could get a chance to plant bombs at their house. Hey Franklin, and after laying the bombs, we waited for them to come and as soon as they came, brother I pressed the bomb button and the whole house Brother, he flew away in front of the eyes of the Avengers. What happened next? Sir, you have taken revenge. Brother, no one has ever taken such revenge for your insult to the Avengers. Of course, brother, I take revenge like this, now Iron Man has come to know. What would be the consequences of messing with Franklin? Hey Franklin, Hey Iron Man, why did you stop me?
I will not leave Franklin today, no Hulk, we did not beat this Franklin directly, the way he took revenge from us, we too will take revenge from him, how can you listen to me, he blew up our house, now we too will blow up his house, but all this What do we need to do, let’s go together and break Franklin’s bones. No Hulk, no, we will not break his bones, we will break his house, only then our revenge will be complete. We are just thinking, buddy, let’s apologize to Franklin and give our lives. Will get the house repaired but not now

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