Upgrading Every Weapon in PUBG MOBILE version 3.0 leaks tease Map

Upgrading Every Weapon in PUBG MOBILE version 3.0 leaks tease Map
Upgrading Every Weapon in PUBG MOBILE version 3.0 leaks tease Map

Upgrading Every Weapon in PUBG MOBILE version 3.0 leaks tease Map

Upgrading Every Weapon in PUBG MOBILE version 3.0 leaks tease Mapwelcome back to Farooq Ahmed Wati hope you guys are all doing awesome guys you guys can see here I am from different ID my LGC Farooq’s ID I haven’t been here for a long time We’re going to do every single gun skin to the maxed out guy but we have a lot of guns here that aren’t maxed out so today we’re going to do our every single gun skin to the maxed out guy and also guys if today If we talk about it then there is a special event here which is PUBG0 Charm Ranking, what is inside it?
The scene is that if you upgrade your guns etc. to the maximum then you will get extra points, if you upgrade your suit etc. then you will also get extra points but here we have 315 materials as well as 6364 paints. The passes are lying here, so let’s go guy, let’s go straight here, let’s go inside our workshop, let’s go inside the lab, so if we look here, first of all, we have blood and bone a1 a4 here, we have it already maxed out. We have glacier already maxed out, we have full level four here.
So level fi let’s do this with five material level six here we have six material and 80 paints level sen here loot get let’s see here one thing we have to check is where our ranking has reached wait second why not the ranking e If we talk about why the changing bro ranking is not changing, then here we have a very special OG who is still inside the crate, so we call him Level 2 Swag Uzi and he is called Level 3 Advanced Farm by many people. This UAZ and our car which is 98 is on level 3 and they like what is on level 4.
  1. Given take here if check the kill message aa wa kind of leaving like late because level f
  2. here it would be red golden and black in color but blue really good let’s go max it out
  3. here and after that comes the matter Here we have Terror Fan Car 98, everyone’s
  4. favorite Ustad had come again in PUBG and people had taken out its kill message, ud
  5. result emote final form or you are checking the result here pace look cuz like in blue. Its
  6. colors are visible in its final form, it is definitely red. Last but not least, it is the best
  7. here.
Best Loot Crate Let’s Go Guys Here’s another thing we want to try is we upgrade our OG that just came in, level four here, elimination broadcast on here, we have level F, level six, we have final form. At level sen we have the loot [Music] Crate level A The Glorious Moment Another thing I have to try Another thing I have to try is here we have The Lizard Roar A4 [Music] 16 Level Two Level 1
  1. four elimination broadcast level So this is what it is, if you guys take out the gun now
  2. and max it, then the points that you have already taken out will not be counted, what is
  3. this behavior PUBG, what is the use brother, then it is 820 points, okay here if I
  4. workshop. I go inside the lab alet c our here yumpi
Upgrading Every Weapon in PUBG MOBILE version 3.0 leaks tease Map
Upgrading Every Weapon in PUBG MOBILE version 3.0 leaks tease Map
We max it out, level four elimination, broad cast level, final fm, what is the benefit here, now, as much as I have lying around, if that also counts in this, then it is there, if we look at it here, then there should be no advanced upgradeable fur arm. Obtain during this event, this is a prank by PUBG people, what is this behavior, I already had guns lying around, I said, if you upgrade, then buy one or two X suits, I also have some coins etc lying around. I said that by upgrading this also you will sit at number one, what can you say to the people of PUBG?
Well apart from this, upgrading every single weapon by applying material on it, I don’t think so it’s worth it at this point because I had saved it because one day I will make a video on upgrading every single weapon in the comment above. We will upgrade the one who got the most likes and whoever is on number one, we will also send RP to the one who is on number one, let’s do that, whoever has the most votes, the one who has the highest number of likes, we will upgrade whoever is in the next video. We will also go out to max together and make the same guy who we are

RP will also be sent, we will watch the second and third one together, so make sure you all tell me in the comment section below that which one should be maxed out next I don’t know I don’t know man you guys you guys are The judge choose which one and we will upgrade him to max out but there we go guys so guys here if we talk about the last battle I have lost so make sure guys give a little support to brother etc 5248 9546 This brother’s ID is the main ID’s so send popular etc. Inshallah see you guys in the next video Another day that guys came

Hope you guys enjoy this amazing upgrading of every single weapon in this, the thing for which I am making it out is of no use, you guys tell me in the comment section below which gun should be made out next. Rest Inshallah see you in the next video, take a lot of care of yourself, remember in your prayers, it’s time, take care and Allah Hafiz and share with your friends, how much we have mixed here and how much more should be done, let’s see. What do your friends say about which gun is their favorite?

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