Which Technology Does Redmi 13c 5g support amazon quiz

Which Technology Does Redmi 13c 5g support amazon quiz
Which Technology Does Redmi 13c 5g support amazon quiz

Which Technology Does Redmi 13c 5g support amazon quiz

Xiaomi launches Redmi 13C for budget how are you, after a long time a new phone is being launched whose name is redmi5.tk. In the budget, that is, many people had bought it in offers etc. Well, we will come back to our redmi5.tk and as soon as the phone After a long time, it has been many days, which means I forgot the phone.

  1. Is it going to be launched or not, then we have this phone and if we talk about its
  2. physical experience, the phone is a bit big in size, it will have a double handed side feel,
  3. its weight is 195 grams, it comes with a 5000 mAh battery, considering the battery mAh,
  4. the weight is ok, rest If we talk about the back side, the name given to it is Star Trail
  5. Silver. If you look at it carefully, you will see different patterns at different angles, in
  6. between you will see shiny particles and if you look at it left and right, then it will be
  7. diagonal. If you move the straight line pattern up and down, then straight line patterns
  8. are formed like this.
It is visible at different angles and no doubt, the phone looks very good from the back side, here on the back side and the frame on the side is plastic i.e. polycarbonate, the frame is flat, the corners are given in round shape. There is a 3.5 m jack on the side, there is no secondary noise cancellation mic, there is a SIM tray on the left side, but this is a good thing, there is a triple slot, two seam, one memory card, now 2 1 TV supports memory card, the power button is on the right side, there is a physical fingerprint in it. There is a scanner and a volume button and at the bottom there is a single speaker.
Single speaker will be of normal quality and yes, for connectivity here, if you have a 5G phone then it is showing 5G. Infact 4G carrier aggregation means 4G support will also be available and if Jio is showing 5G then the connectivity would be good here. It has 4G + 5G dual band Wi-Fi, obviously it has all this and its display size is 6.
Which Technology Does Redmi 13c 5g support amazon quiz
Which Technology Does Redmi 13c 5g support amazon quiz
74 inches HD, this is a 90 Hz LCD display, there is an AD Plus display on the front and a Y shaped nose is given here, there is no punch hole, I wish this punch hole was there, display protection is available here, Gola Glass 3 is priced at Rs 450. Typical brightness is peak brightness can go up to 600 ts. Now it is obvious that ADR support will not be available in this raid but yes, wide wine l1 support is available here. Rest of the display here will be as per the price at which it is going to come. The quality is good, colors are good, no over sharpness or contrast issues are seen, yes brightness.
  1. It is normal here, you will not feel too much brightness and like I said, this is not full AD, it is AD Plus display, you can watch videos up to youtube 4p quality, rest here you can find a physical fingerprint scanner on the side, the speed of which is good here. Yes, you touch it and it is just unlocked and if we talk about the performance side of the performance, one thing I liked about it is that the first thing inside it is ufs2.
1 storage is provided. Thank God, EMC etc. is not provided. Well, the processor available here is Mitec Diamond CT 6100 P. This is a 5G processor with LPDDR4X RAM and UFS2.1 storage. Its score comes around 370000 in the throttle test. Did not see any problem android1 and you play rest of the games for free f or casual game whatever it is it will handle well by the way here we get na m ui 5 megapixel selfie here
But if we talk about its photos, then I have clicked some multiple photos from it, like these are selfie photos separately, after that let’s talk about the photos which I clicked separately from the back camera, I have clicked these photos in different conditions here. It looks fine, there is a little contrast side, the photos will take out decent photos and give video recording. Here you will get 1080p quality in front and back and the normal modes in the camera are standard modes, time lapse video, photo, portrait, night mode, 50 megapixels separately. When I switched on this was all that I initially saw.

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